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Mercury Precision Lubricants

Mercury Precision Lubricants

Use Mercury Precision Lubricants and oils to to keep things going smoothly with your Mercury Outboard. When it comes to protecting your investment in Mercury technology, as well as getting the most out of it, nothing comes close to genuine Mercury oils and lubricants. Unlike automotive oils, all Mercury oils are specifically formulated for the unique needs of marine engines and rigorously tested to meet our high standards. In fact, Mercury was the first to manufacture oils that meet the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) FC-W standards for four-cycle engines. All of our synthetic blend oils contain specially designed additives to reduce friction, improve performance and protect against engine wear and internal corrosion.

For OptiMax outboards, we offer a specific formulation with improved detergent properties to provide the best operating environment for this technology.  The TC-W3 certified Mercury Premium Plus and Premium oil stringently maintains its originally designed formulation for protection of all two-stroke engine models. So you can get the most out of your Mercury not only today, but for years to come. Oils so advanced, they’re guaranteed. We’re so confident in our oils we back them with a one-year limited warranty

Mercury Propellers

Mercury Propellers

Mercury Propellers. Choosing the right propeller for your boat can be one of the most important choices a new boat owner makes. Mercury Marine manufactures many different and distinct propellers for outboard and sterndrive engines. Mercury propellers range from the simplest plastic propellers for electric trolling motors to the blueprinted, custom-tuned Mercury Hi-Performance/Racing propellers. Each propeller is designed to maximize the performance return available from a specific engine or group of engines. We assure this by designing, engineering and manufacturing our own propellers at dedicated facilities. Our engineering staff is the industry’s most experienced in propeller design and innovation.

Mercury parts SmartCraft Integrated Marine Technology

SmartCraft Integrated Marine Technology

SmartCraft technology enables engine components to gather and share information with each other and you. The result: boating that is safer, easier, more reliable, and more fun. The perfect boat, the perfect fishing pole, the perfect fishing spot, with SmartCraft you can ensure the perfect day. Integration of digital information and control is not new in autos or airplanes, but until now boaters have had to do without. SmartCraft technology achieves this next evolutionary step and, with advanced concepts that make boating easier and more intuitive, delivers a superior, more enjoyable experience at all levels.

Marine innovation is our passion, and nothing proves it more than our innovative SmartCraft Integrated Marine Technology. SmartCraft technology integrates all your boat’s operations into one easily managed system, delivering a new level of boating confidence by constantly updating you on boat and engine conditions, warning you of potential problems and alerting you to maintenance intervals.

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